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Modern And Contemporary Interior Designing Tips to Make your Home Stand Out

Everyone wants a home that stands out from the rest and can make an impression before guests. For this, selecting the right kind of styles can become quite overwhelming. Trends have shown that, today, people like experimenting. They like mixing things up to create what suits them the best. If you are confused about designing your home, this article will guide you to become clear headed. This article shows your how you can mix and match two different styles i.e., modern and contemporary.

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But first let’s see the difference between the two:

What Is Contemporary Interior Design?

By definition, contemporary refers to “living or happening in the present”. Contemporary in its essence refers to ‘of the moment’, illustrating that contemporary interior design styles refer to current design trends while paying homage to the past. Dating back to the 1970s, the contemporary style is truly unique as it borrows elements from several other design styles. With a contemporary style, you are sure to see modern elements alongside traditional Art Deco-inspired notes and futuristic design flourishes.

What Is Modern Interior Design?

Modern interior design styles are made up of many different embodiments, which makes them a bit more complex in their definition. In its simplest sense, modern design refers to the reflection of modern art movements within a home. Check out the modern interior designers in hyderabad.

Let’s take a look on how to mix modern and contemporary styles to make your home stand out:

One of the easiest ways to create cohesion without adjustment is to capture the subtle details of your furniture, which can simply be the shape or lines of your traditional pieces, or the materials and fabrics. A classic armchair with its high back and comfortable seat upholstered in a contemporary fabric will look perfect next to a modern sofa.

Contrasts can add unexpected excitement and interest to the room rather than blending everything into one another. Color and materials are the easiest ways to create contrast in space, and even subtle contrasts can make a big difference. An oriental rug under a modern dining table can add a sense of tradition and wealth. Adding color, pattern, and texture through soft furniture like pillows and smaller accent pieces like an occasional chair can also help raise the space and add a bit of personality.

When mixing furniture from different eras, keep the scale of the pieces in the same range. A dainty little antique chair can seem overwhelmed and out of place next to a large modern sectional sofa. Combining rooms with similar height and scale will make the interior work and give you flexibility. For example, you might consider placing two antique dining chairs of a similar scale at the ends of your contemporary dining room.

Modern lighting and art can help you incorporate more traditional elements of style into a modern interior. For example, contemporary lighting over an antique desk can create a dynamic combination. A vintage dresser with a modern painting on top of it styles come together. If you have traditional artwork, mirrors, and lamps that you want to add to a modern space, you should be more economical with them. You can also try reworking older artwork for a more contemporary look by bringing the decades closer together. Check out the best interior designers in hyderabad.

An interior with mid-century furniture on one side of the space and contemporary pieces on the other will only emphasize the style differences, rather than bring them together. When placing furniture from different eras in the room, you should arrange the pieces evenly.

Instead of curating your dining area with your traditional pieces and filling your living room with modern furniture in an open-plan interior, mix it up. For example, use a traditional table with modern dining chairs and a collection in the same style with a vintage side chair or lamps in the living room. It’s about creating a common thread and continuing the dialogue from one room to another. Check out our latest article about Best innovative design ideas.



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