Interior colours

How far do colours play an important role in interior designing

It has often been a matter of intense discussion regarding the usage of the right colours while designing your home. Colours play a pivotal role in your home’s interior design. It will reflect the mood and overall vibe of your home. Therefore, it becomes a matter of paramount importance to choose the colours that will best suit your home. 


Now, there are certain rules that we must follow because it is indeed true that colours will go along to play one of the most crucial roles while designing your home. Let’s dive deep into the rules of colour and extract the best choice for your home’s interior design!


  • Let’s talk about the 60-30-10

This is one of the most common yet important rules that every accomplished, as well as a budding interior designer, follow. These numbers are not random. They reflect the percentage of different colours to be used while designing your home. The main or primary colour will take up nearly 60 percent of your room followed by the next one, which will take 30. This will be followed by the last colour that will complement the other two colours, by taking up 10 percent of your room. 

Interior colours


  • Know about warm and cool colours

Warm colours are those, that are darker and often generate emotions like passion and hunger. You might often notice that restaurants have a particular type of lighting, that is warm. The reason is that it would generate hunger. Also, the colour of love is red since it generates passion.

The same goes for cool colours. They generate a lighter mood, soothing, and relaxing. Imagine the colour blue or green. They’re meant to generate relaxation. Green is soothing while blue can make you sleep peacefully as well! 

A good interior designer will know how to play with warm and cool colours and decide on the one that will perfectly sum up your home’s vibe. 

Interior colours


  • What are complementary colours?

Once again, a rule that every interior designers follow. It is also one of the easiest ones. There are basically two shades of colours that are involved. If you’ve got the chance to observe the colour wheel, you’ll know the kind of combinations that complement colours. It can be green and red, or blue and orange, colours like that. It is important to note that colours are highly contrasting in nature when it comes to complementing ones and is bound to bring a burst of energy once the room is designed with the same. 

Interior colours

  • Should we discuss analogous colours?

It is one of the easiest to understand. If you observe the colour wheel, all you need to do is pick up one colour, and then the colours from immediate left and right. Just choose the three based on your home’s vibe, and get it designed. However, it is very important to note that choosing the right colour combination is a matter of high thought process and expertise. My suggestion will be to always opt for interior designers who are highly professionals and trained in terms of interior designs and colours. 

Of course, here the first rule that we discussed can be used again for proportion and a balanced room. 




Colours play a very important role in designing your home and choosing the right colour can cause wonders! However, it’s the best advice to always go for the top interior designers while designing your home!



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