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L-Shaped Kitchen vs Parallel Kitchen, Which is Best for Kitchen Interior?

While choosing a property or making one, you consider a lot of things to make a decision which is best for you. Choosing the right shaped kitchen interior is yet another point you should definitely consider while looking for your ideal space. The kitchens are basically designed in various shapes and styles from which L-Shaped and Parallel Kitchen are the most recommended kitchen interiors.

The main challenge is selecting any one among these two alternatives. If you are confused between L-shaped and parallel kitchen design too, then you should remain till the end of this article. In conclusion, you will definitely be able to decide which Kitchen Interior is best for you and your family.


What is an L-shaped Kitchen? 

This is the most loved and prefered layout in households. An L-Shaped Kitchen interior layout by its name, is constructed in L-Shape. The two horizontal slabs are connected at the angle of 90 degrees to make the kitchen multi-purposed. These types of kitchen layouts are adopted in both open and close spaces to make the interior look more spacious. It is a very flexible and convenient layout of kitchen interior that everyone loves. 

Merits of L-Shaped Kitchen

Very Flexible – The L-shaped kitchens are always very flexible and comfortable. The person in the kitchen gets full space to work without any difficulty. You get enough space in the kitchen that you can even place an island in the middle as per your convenience. 

Area division is easier – You can easily divide the area for placing the items of different categories separately. 

Every item is easily accessible – In an L-shaped kitchen interior, the things are easily accessible. You can actually have the access of any kitchen item without moving anywhere. 

Demerits of L-Shaped Kitchen

Limited space – These kitchens are spacious but only for the person who is working in the kitchen, not for your kitchen appliances or items. You get very limited space for storing your stuff. That’s why L-Shaped kitchens are not very successful in large families. 

Only one person can cook at one time – The kitchen articles and cooking area is accessible to only one person at once. In an L-shaped kitchen it is hard for two or more people to work together. 

What is a Parallel Kitchen?

Another kitchen type we are going to talk about is Parallel Kitchen. As the name suggests they are constructed by putting two unconnecting horizontal slabs parallely (opposite to each other). Both the units are furnished with drawers, cabinets, and appliances. This is another kitchen interior that is liked and adopted by many people in their spaces. This layout works best in closed kitchens with good space. 

Merits of Parallel Kitchen

Very convenient – The parallel kitchens are very convenient in every way. You can enjoy full space and also easily switch to another unit for other tasks as well. 

Can perform Multiple tasks at a time – You have two different units, which means you can utilise your time by performing multiple tasks running at the same time on different units. 

Allows multiple cooks at the same time – The separate units of parallel kitchens allow multiple cooks to work together without any inconvenience. Everyone can enjoy sufficient space needed for their tasks. 

Better storage facility – Parallel kitchens layout always have bigger storage as compared to other layouts. You can even install the cupboards at both extreme ends of the slabs and make your kitchen more spacious. 

Cons of Parallel Kitchen

Cannot be installed in open space – The parallel kitchen layout is only possible in a closed kitchen plan. We cannot install it in an open space. 

Not suitable for small space – In small space, it will be hard to install two units and also there will be no space left for movement after installation. 

L- Shaped Kitchen Vs Parallel Kitchen – A Tabular Comparison 

1Open Kitchen PlanSuitableNot Suitable
2Small Kitchen PlanSuitableNot Suitable
3StorageLess StorageMore storage
4Multiple CooksCannot work togetherCan work together
5Large FamiliesWorksDoesn’t work
7Area DivisionEasily PossibleEasily Possible
8Performing Multiple TasksDifficultEasy
9Storage ExtensionIslands in middleCupboards at the corners


Bottom Line

Each category of Kitchen Interior has its own pros and cons. It is hard to say which one is the most ideal kitchen layout but it is evidently clear that your most suitable kitchen layout totally depends upon your interior plan. You should go with one that satisfies the maximum criterias of your requirements.


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